Time Clock Tutorial


Click on the link above to watch the video on using the time clock system or view the screen shots on using the system below. If you are unable to use the time clock please call the office at 701-667-2884, or if  after hours contract Trena.

Time Clock-

  1. You will receive an email with a user name and password for our online time clock. Please change the password to something you can remember. If you do not receive the email before your first shift contact Katie at dtnoffice@gmail.com
  2. All time cards must be endorsed by the supervisor or charge nurse when you clock in and out.
  3. Do not clock in early unless it is requested.
  4. It is required to take a half hour break for all shifts that are eight hours or more. Double shifts (16) require two half hours breaks.
  5. Fill out the mileage from your home to the facility and back also check if you stay overnight.
  6. Please make note Paper time-cards will result in a delay of pay of up to 2 weeks. 

Logging in

log in


Clocking in

clock in


Approval of Hours

approve hours


Clocking Out

clocking out


If you are at the same facility Click on the Current Time Sheet Tab

same timesheet


New Time Sheet:  Only if you are going to a different facility in a single pay period.    

going to new facility